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Your French uncle died and left you a substantial sum of money. Or you are buying or selling an apartment in Paris. You live in California, and don’t wish to travel to France.

The good news is that we can handle the paperwork here in Los Angeles. Your French notaire will prepare and send us a “procuration” (power of attorney) for you to accept the estate, or buy or sell real property. He or she will then ask you to have a “local authority” receive your signature on this document.

Catherine Parker, as a California attorney, is such a “local authority.” Moreover, she is also a member of the Bar of Paris, France. She can discuss with you the legal ramifications under French law of the documents you are signing.

We follow the guidelines of the professional organizations of the Notaires de France. This means that we don’t limit ourselves to filling in the blanks and gathering your signature. We verify your identity and make sure that you are not under duress. If you are not fluent in French, we provide the required translations. This avoids misunderstandings and disputes regarding the validity of the documents.

Finally, we explain the legal meaning under French law of the documents you are signing. This allows us to offer you full service support with regard to French notarial documents.