We handle applications for French citizenship through parentagemarriage or adoption, as well as French visas.

Long Stay Visas (Visas de Long Séjour, or VLS) may be granted for up to 12 months for various legitimate purposes, such as employment, investment, study, linguistic immersion, or family reunion. They are also open to Americans who wish to spend their retirement years in France. Some VLS may be converted into a Titre de Séjour.

U.S. citizens, Canadians, and nationals of other countries that have reciprocal visa waiver agreements do not need a visa to visit France, provided their stay does not exceed 90 days during any given 180 day period.

COVID-19 UPDATE: French regulations linked to the pandemic have severely curtailed both the issuance of Long Stay Visas and visa-free travel to France. However, U.S. citizens “trapped” by Covid in France may be able to extend their stay, or even obtain a Titre de Séjour.

Please consult us for a review of your options.