Green cards may be obtained by various means, in particular the following:

1. Through winning the “immigration lottery” (Diversity Visa, or DV) Please note that we no longer file DV applications and refer our clients to  France Service, which has an outstanding track record in this field. Every year we handle the preparation and filing of lottery winners’ applications.

2. Via an employer’s petition (EB-2/EB-3.) This, depending on the employee’s qualifications, can take many years.

3. Via an investment in the United States of at least $500,000 (EB-5). Not to be confused with the non-immigrant E-2 Treat Investor Visa.

4. By self-petition for persons of extraordinary ability (EB-1.) The eligibility criteria are similar to those of O and P visas.)

5. By marriage to a United States citizen, or, after many years, to a Permanent Resident, or by other family-based relationship.

6. Via political asylum.